5 Ways To Celebrate Your Employees

We believe that all colleagues and employees deserve recognition and praise, no matter what time of year it is. With hope that showing thanks for those you with work is a tradition you’ll carry out all the time, we’re back with even more suggestions for showing employee appreciation.

  1. Warmly welcome everyone to the office.

Help each and every employee start their day right with a warm welcome. Have a station setup with fresh juice, coffee, donuts and bagels. Prettify it with greenery or make it more fun and interactive with a message board.

  1. Give the gift of time.

Give employees paid time off when they don’t expect it. If you know your employee has a personal event coming up or a hobby they want to invest more time in, give them some wiggle room in their schedule. The day or two of work they’ll miss is nothing compared to the energy they’ll have upon returning.

An alternative to this is letting them work from home and offering flex hours for the day, like on their child’s first day of kindergarten.

  1. Grant them CEO status.

Appoint one of your employees CEO for the day and treat them like a VIP. Give them your parking spot. Let them choose what you’ll order for lunch for the entire office. Allow them to switch up the dress code for the day (Sweatpants Friday, anyone?).

  1. Invite their loved ones.

Designate a family-friendly Open House Day and ask employees to bring their friends, families and pets in to see where they work. Setup a buffet lunch so that everyone can dine together or offer an extended lunch break so they can spend extra time with their loved ones.

  1. Hand over the decision-making baton.

Allow your employees to make important decisions. Ask them for feedback, and let them do it in an anonymous way if they want to. Your employees are the people on the front line of your business, and they often know your customers best. True appreciation is shown when you make it clear that you trust your employees and that you value their opinions enough to actually make the changes they suggest.

How has a manager made you feel extra special and appreciated?

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