7 Indoor Plants That are Safe for Pets

Before you get your heart set on a brand new houseplant, make sure it’s safe for your pets (and children) to be around. Many of the plants that are unsafe for cats and dogs are common houseplants, so you may never even think that they could cause harm. 

These seven plants are safe to have even with cats, dogs and children around who may touch, lick or ingest them.


  1. Aphelandra squarrosa, aka Zebra Plant: This exotic plant is showy enough to serve as a centerpiece in your room. Its dark leaves are striped with white veins, giving it a zebra-like pattern, and it grows large, cone-shaped, yellow flowers.
  1. Bromeliad: Tolerant of low light and easy to care for, these tropical plants have large, unique flower spikes in bright colors.
  1. Donkey Tail: This interesting succulent needs bright light but minimal water, and its floppy sprouts look best when suspended in a hanging basket.
  1. Echeveria, aka Hens and Chicks: While these plants have to be placed in a window with lots of light, the rosettes will spread even if it’s in a planter with limited root space.
  1. Rhipsalis, aka Mistletoe Cactus: This jungle cactus has a ton of texture, is easy to care for and can thrive even as a hanging plant.
  1. Saintpaulia, aka African Violet: This plant is easy to care for (so long as you have bright light) and the lovely purple flowers grow frequently. While these plants are safe to touch, too much contact can inhibit growth.
  1. Spider Plant: This plant is an excellent air purifier, and it can grow whether it gets a lot of sun or is in a low light area. The little baby plants it produces resemble spiders and they can be planted separately to grow new plants.

Negative Effects of Unsafe Plants

Many plants that are unsafe for pets won’t cause serious or lasting damage. It’s possible that the worst they’ll do is cause indigestion, but the amount of discomfort and risk will vary based on the size of your pet and how much of the plant they ingest.

Plants that you should avoid if you have pets include:

  • Euphorbia
  • Jade plants
  • Kalanchoe
  • Monstera deliciosa
  • Philodendron 
  • Pothos
  • Sago Palm
  • Schefflera

Plants energize your home and add bold color, and with this list you’ll also keep your pets and little ones safe. That way, you can comfortably leave them at home to rule the roost :) 

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