8 Interior Design Styles & The Perfect Plants To Match

Decorating a new home or redecorating your current one? Trying to figure out what to give someone as they move into their new digs? We've gathered 8 of our favorite interior design styles and complementary plants to help you choose the most fitting plant aesthetic for any space. Plants are the perfect finishing design touch whether you're shooting for Rustic Farmhouse elegance or Scandinavian cool. 

1. Mid-Century Modern

With its origins in the 50s and 60s, mid-century modern design focuses on simplicity, functionality and natural shapes. For 2018, there’s wiggle room to create a quirky motif. Choose accents in deep colors like chocolate and olive.  

Mid Century Modern Interior Style

Pair Mid-Century spaces with vases and plants that have a striking architectural component and interesting lines. Use warm hues that tie into the dominant creams, woods, olive hues.

Mid Century Style - Petaloom Midori Trio and Gemma Duo

2. Industrial

This turn-of-the-century style has two different sides: chic, light and feminine, and antique, dark and masculine. Add copper-toned accents, distressed wood, and exposed brick or steel.

Industrial Interior Style

Often characterized by high, exposed ceilings, use larger plants or vases and vary the textures and hues of each vase.

Industrial Style - Petaloom Samar Duo and Phoenix Duo

3. Art Déco

This year’s Art Déco puts a contemporary spin on the 1920s style. Play with geometric and rounded shapes, choose décor and furniture with sleek lines, and don’t shy away from reflective surfaces.

Art Deco Interior Style

Pair with plants and vases that communicate glamor through vases with saturated metallic colors like gold and copper or geometric forms.

Art Deco - Petaloom Akasa Duo

4. Traditional

Taking notes from classic European style, traditional interior design is the ultimate in sophistication, focusing on ornate architecture, elegant furnishings and rich mahogany tones.

Traditional Interior Style

Pair with elegant centerpieces which featuring plants rather than succulents.

Traditional Style - Petaloom Catalina Grande and Catalina Medio


Coastal design is about positivity, relaxation and warmth, just like the beach. With a base of white or sandy color, blue is the main accent color, and you may also want to toss in hints of yellow or pink.
Coastal Interior Style

Use your plants as an opportunity to bring a pop of color to the space. Vases should pick up on the dominant hues of creams, whites, or blues.

Coastal Style - Petaloom Clara Set


Rustic style can either be reminiscent of the English countryside or more rugged farmhouses. If you’d like the former, focus on decorative, feminine antiques and pink hues with green accents. For farmhouse style, create a base of white or beige, then decorate with distressed wood and carefully-arranged vases.

Rustic Interior Style

Pair with delicate flowers and unusual, eclectic arrangements to highlight the unique pieces that characterize these token-filled spaces.

Rustic - Petaloom Velvet White Terrarium


Transitional style mixes the old with the new, allowing you to create a home that feels modern but still has hints of the past to add elegance and warmth. This is the type of design that will endure.

Transitional Interior Style

Highlight the space with elegant plants and neutral vases which are timeless in their appeal.

Transitional Style - Petaloom Catalina Grande and Catalina Medio


Scandinavian style emphasizes smooth, gentle contours; organic materials juxtaposed with engineered pieces; and light neutrals with splashes of color. Experiment with proportions, too.

Scandinavian Interior Style

Pick up on the clean, crisp lines of the Scandinavian style with vases featuring clean, geometric profiles and plants with similarly crisp lines.

Scandinavian Interior Style - Petaloom Midori Trio

Do you have a favorite home décor style? Tell us about it!


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