Becoming A Plant Mom For Mother's Day

May is full of wonderful things to celebrate. Warmer weather and more sunshine. Blooming flowers and plants. And, of course, Mother’s Day, when we pay homage to person (or people) who shaped our life and our future. As a mother-daughter founding team, we thought we’d share a few thoughts on Mother’s Day and being a good plant mom!

The perfect gift for mom: potted plants.

Cut flowers are lovely, but they don’t last. They take a good amount of work, too: trimming the stems, changing the water, feeding them plant food to squeeze out one more day.

Which is a big reason why we started Petaloom. Indoor plants can last for years, even with minimal care. They make for a unique Mother’s Day gift because they’re a lasting reminder of your living relationship. Plus, they bring the beauty of the outdoors inside, fit practically any design style and purify the air.

Low Maintenance, because we know, moms are busy!

Work/Life/Play/Rest, all the different facets of living a busy life are not lost on us, which is why, when it comes to choosing plants, we’re big proponents of going the low maintenance route. The easiest plants to care for are adaptable and forgiving, requiring such little maintenance you’ll wonder if you’re doing it wrong. Sansevieria, which you can find in our Phoenix Duo and the Serena Starfish, and Pothos are among the most undemanding plants you’ll find. We also take the uncertainty out of plant care with our custom guides.

General Rules of Thumb As A Plant Mom

A lot of plants actually don’t need as much water as you think, so more often than not, we see people with issues of over-watering rather than under-watering. Less is more when it comes to low-maintenance plants. Make sure the plant pots have a drainage hole in the bottom to prevent rotting, or drainage systems in place (all our plants are lined with charcoal and perlite for just this purpose).

You also don’t need to re-pot the plants too often. A growing plant is fine in its original pot, so long as the roots aren’t yet saturating the soil.

Fun & Creative Home Grown Tricks From Our Plant Moms

The more we read about plants and become better plant moms, the more we learn about obscure and creative ways to up our plant mom game. Here are a few tips and tricks we’ve learned about from some of our customers. Let us know what you think!

When it’s time to water, consider using club soda – the minerals and nutrients in these liquids help with growth.

When it is time to re-pot, mix in some ground coffee with the soil – coffee has nutrients that encourage growth.

Want to make the leaves shine a bit? Rub a small amount of mayonnaise onto them using a paper towel – they’ll stay shiny for weeks.

Need plant advice, send us a chat or email us at We love being plant moms who help!

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