Hotel Flowers vs. Plants: Should You Make the Switch?

Cut flowers are undoubtedly gorgeous, but the boost your guests get from seeing a fresh bouquet is the same one they’d get from viewing a gorgeous, luxury potted plant. It raises the question: are there can’t-ignore benefits of switching from flowers to plants? We think so. Here’s why.

You’ll show your commitment to a green environment.

Brands today, hotels included, have to show their true values to their customers. Having potted plants in your hotel instead of cut flowers will show that you’re committed to a sustainable environment, all while elevating the atmosphere and décor of the lobby and rooms. Live plants tend to be grown domestically (many cut flowers you’ll find at a florist have been imported), and potted plants don’t require the same amount of refrigeration as cut flowers.

You’ll accommodate all individuals.

Today, a lot of hospitals don’t allow flowers in their patients’ rooms any longer. Hotels may not have as vulnerable a clientele as hospitals, but allergens, pesticides and even scent are still important considerations. Potted plants are air-purifying, absorbing chemicals that are circulating while emitting oxygen at the same time.

Potted plants have a much longer life span than flowers.

No matter how well-maintained cut flowers are, there’s no getting around it: they’re going to die within a matter of days. Flowers need to be replaced again and again. With the proper placement and care, a potted plant can last much, much longer, and you’ll only have to replace it when your hotel calls for a different look. It also goes to reason that replacing your plants less often means big savings budget-wise.

Plants aren’t as difficult to care for as you’d think.

Caring for potted plants starts with proper selection. You can hire experts who will help you choose plants for your hotel based on where they’ll be placed (sunlight and temperature) and how much time you can dedicate to caring for the plants. If you don’t have staff members who will be able to water the plants regularly, you can either choose plants that need very minimal care or you can work with a company that will come in and take care of them for you.

Interested in trying out luxury potted plants for your upscale hotel? At Petaloom, we have a wide assortment of singular plants and plant arrangements to suit any style.

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