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How to Propagate Succulents

What’s better than one pretty, colorful succulent? A house filled with them! Propagating lets you grow new succulents using the plants you already have. This is a simple, inexpensive way to repurpose your succulents, creating even more high end potted plants to enjoy or give as gifts.

Propagation by Division

  1. Choose the succulent you’re going to propagate. It should have at least half an inch of stem. (Sometimes using stems from succulents that are a little bit leggy because they haven't had enough sunlight is perfect for this kind of propagation). Remove some of the lower flowers or leaves to expose more stem, if needed. To properly remove leaves, gently wiggle them from side to side. Using shears, snip the rosette, keeping a short stem attached.
  2. Let the cutting dry for a few days, until the raw ends are calloused.
  3. Choose soil that allows for adequate drainage, then push the stem into the soil until it’s submerged.
  4. Place the plant in indirect sunlight.
  5. Water every few days until roots begin to appear, then water once a week. When watering, dampen the soil while still allowing for drainage so the plant doesn’t stand in the water.
  6. Expect to see growth after about six weeks. Once they’ve taken root, it’s time to replant them in plant pots.
  7. If it’s the sort of succulent that can withstand stronger light, move it to a place that gets more direct sunlight.

Propagating from Leaves

You can also propagate from individual leaves instead of the stem cutting. The leaves have to be firm and healthy in order to properly propagate. Remove the full leaf from the plant and lay it over a shallow tray that has soil spread on it. Follow the same steps as above. The parent leaf will eventually wither, which is normal – remove it without damaging the new roots.

Propagating from Offsets

Certain succulents have offsets, which are separate plants that grow at the base of the main plant. After two or three weeks, when the offset has roots, gently remove it from the main plant. Propagate it by following the steps above. Removing the offsets will also help the main plant to be more healthy.

Remember, not every single propagation attempt will be successful. Some leaves may wither, some will root without growing a plant, and some may even grow a plant without fully rooting. Most of the time, though, your propagation will be successful, resulting in both strong roots and a brand new succulent.

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