6 Plants for People Who Don’t Have a Green Thumb


Greenery can liven up any space…until the greenery itself starts to wilt and fade. If you want to inject your home or office with some extra color and life, having a green thumb is not a prerequisite. Truthfully, there’s no such thing as a set-it-and-forget-it plant, but there are a number of plants that you can pay little attention to without putting them at risk. Here are 6 plants we’re confident you can keep alive and well.


You can find a cactus in practically any shape, size and color you want, and you can also gather several together to make a unique display at home or work. Place the cactus in a windowsill that gets indirect sunlight and water every week or so. (A common belief is that you can ignore a cactus or succulent and still keep it alive, but that’s not exactly true.)


With a unique green-and-white pattern and pretty leaves, this plant makes a cool, stylish addition to your home or workspace. Bonus: it’ll thrive even under fluorescent lighting. It can withstand humid conditions, too, so it’s good to group with cactuses or succulents.

Lucky Bamboo

This plant is so easy to please that it doesn’t even need soil. By keeping the roots submerged, it will continue to grow, and you can then braid, twist or weave the stems into whatever style you want.

Peace Lily

This plant practically tells you how to care for it. As soon as you notice some drooping or wilting, give it some water (this will happen about once a week). When it’s healthy, you’ll see pretty white blooms.


Pothos plants are gorgeous and graceful, and they’re a cinch to propagate. They’re perfect for adorning your desk or shelf at work, or your dresser or kitchen counter at home – basically, anywhere that could use a pop of color. They are also lovely additions to larger arrangements, like our red-hued combination.

Snake Plant

Snake plants are air-purifying and can go several days (or even weeks) between watering. That doesn’t just make this a great plant for the green thumb-less, but also a good option if you travel a lot.

Don’t have the energy to worry about the hard-to-decipher needs of tempermental plants? At Petaloom, we sell low-maintenance plants and succulents in perfect-for-display pots.

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