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What is Plantscaping and How Can Professionals Help?

It’s no secret that the team here at Petaloom is passionate about interior design, feeling at peace in your home (or workspace), and – of course – plants.

We’ve delved into a type of custom design for clients called plantscaping, and it’s helped to reiterate the importance of plant choice and placement when outfitting a particular indoor environment.

Recently, we were lucky enough to work with one of the most beautiful interiors we’ve seen. Unfortunately, even though they had dozens of plants placed throughout their multi-story building, they couldn’t seem to keep the leaves from getting brown, despite what they believed was proper care and trimming. That’s where we stepped in.

This experience inspired us to write this article. We’re going to tell you a bit about plantscaping and explain why it’s a good idea to have professionals come in to setup and maintain your space.

What is Plantscaping?

Plantscaping goes above and beyond simply keeping plants indoors. It’s the strategic selection and placement of plants and plant pots, taking into consideration your architectural style and plant care commitment. The goal is to highlight and enhance your home or workspace’s atmosphere and design while providing you with plants that can thrive in the setting based on light exposure and how much attention they’ll realistically get.

There are all sorts of details we think about when plantscaping, like:

  • How the style of the plants and pots fit with your interior design
  • Using tall plants in large, open spaces to create interesting focal hierarchies
  • Grouping plants together in areas that are used for rest and relaxation
  • Creating a more inviting space, like warming up the lobby or breathing life into a stark office
  • Positioning plants as leading lines to lead the eye or direct traffic

There are tons of health benefits of keeping plants indoors. Plants and plantscaping can boost your mood, enhance your memory, and control both the acoustic and the thermal performance of an area.

Should You Hire a Plantscaping Company?

If you have a lot of free time to dive into the theories and techniques of plantscaping, and can devote energy to caring for your plants (assuming they’ve been placed in the proper light and temperature), go for it! We love it when people become just as passionate about plants as we are.

If you don’t have all that extra time and energy, though, considering hiring a plantscaping professional. Here’s why:

  • They’ll put time and effort into finding pottery and plants that complement your interior design so that your new greenery will fit perfectly.
  • They’ll evaluate the light, temperature and humidity of different areas of your home or workplace to determine which plants can thrive in those conditions.
  • They’ll choose plants that you’ll be able to care for based on your resources. Many plantscaping companies will also come in to take care of your plants for you.
  • Plantscaping companies always know the most recent trends. (Right now, millennials are choosing plants that will add a pop of color to their space.)
  • With a plantscaping company, you can lease the plants and containers instead of owning them yourself. You can even have them swapped out occasionally as your tastes change or just to mix things up.

Tips for Hiring a Plantscaping Company

Ready to hire a plantscaping company? Ask about their credentials and find out what type of experience they have, like where they’ve performed plantscaping. Ask to see the results or to flip through their portfolio. Also, find out exactly which plantscaping services are being offered, including their plant maintenance strategy and schedule. 

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