Aloe, Dracaena, Pothos Arrangement

Featuring N’Joy Pothos, Aloe Vera, and Dracaena “Song of Jamaica”, this boldly shaped arrangement features plants that are easy to care for and adaptable to a range of environments.

Care Instructions


Plants grow well in bright, indirect or medium light. Direct light will burn the leaves of the Dracaena and Aloe.


Best kept at room temperatures that average 65-85°F. These plants do not do well when temperatures drop below 40°F.


Water the Dracaena 1-2x per week, the Pothos 1x per week and the Aloe 1x every 2 weeks, waiting until the soil is thoroughly dry. Plants in this arrangement have a unique drainage system allowing you to water each plant individually. In general, all of these plants can stand to be under-watered, but struggle if over-watered.

Additional Notes

Plants in this arrangement are considered toxic to pets. Both Pothos and Dracaena are air purifying, and help remove harmful chemicals from the air.