Catalina Grande Aloe - Petaloom
Catalina Grande Aloe - Petaloom

Catalina Grande Aloe

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With a bold-shaped silhouette and sophisticated combination of green hues and textures, our Catalina Grande Aloe makes a unique and elegant statement regardless of the occasion.

  • Contains (1) Aloe Vera (Barbados aloe), (1) Dracaena “Song of Jamaica" (Dracaena reflexa), (1) N’Joy Pothos (Epipremnum aureum)
  • Thrives in bright, indirect or medium light. See Care Instructions
  • Ceramic vase measure appx 13.75" x 7.75" with plants varying in size up to 9.5” tall
  • Vase includes unique built-in drainage system for watering.
  • Arrives in a beautifully designed box with care instructions